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With the acquisition of CL Corp, Triotech strengthens its position as media-based attraction leader for the entertainment industry.


CL Corp is manufacturing attractions for entertainment industry since 20 years.

Leader on the market thanks to its state-of-the-art products, the company meets theme and amusement parks’ needs, and also deals with the requirements of theme parks, FEC, zoos, aquariums, science centers and all leisure areas worldwide.

CL Corp’s mission is to support companies along with their design process of interactive, creative and innovative modules.

The role of the company in a project is from the study to  the installation and training of operators. CL Corp is the only company of the market which can answer all specifications thanks to the R&D office.

In practical terms, CL Corp offers turnkey solution of hardware, software and custom solutions for all clients.

Present in Europe, Mena, Canada and Asia, the team of CL Corp can satisfy the customers’ needs, in the style of a human-sized company, for more closeness and to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

VR simulators, dynamic platforms, flying theaters, 4D theaters, dome theaters… make your dream comes true.

Christophe LUCCHINI

« I spent a lot of time alongside presidents of parks and  museums in France, Europe and Asia. I have noticed that whatever the country or culture, their  joy and wonder are always the same, when they discover  the magic of our attractions or when they live a unique  moment thanks to the involvement of our employees. Bringing the magic of an immersion to life is at the heart of our strategy. It is also the key to our success ! »




Our fields of activity


3DOF & 6DOF attractions
Interactive & immersive attractions
4D theaters
Monumental attractions



HRT Hybrid Reality Technology
Developing your VR appMovies 360° VR
Dynamic VR attractions
VR waterproof attractions



Customized attractions
Feasibility studies
Analysis, recommendations, strategy



Simulator rental
Made-to-measure creation for your event
Trade fairs, conferences, festivals
Local, national, international exhibitions
Team building



Monitors screens
Flats screens and domes
2D & 3D
Sound 5.1 & 7.1



Touch screens
Real time attractions
Interactive scenes



Creation of new technologies every year
Technological watch

TUV and SOCOTEC certifications



Timeline of Cl Corporation

Birth of CL Corp.
4D cinema
Vulcania / Auvergne - France
D-Box - Canada
FullDome.Pro - Poland
Head In The Stars
Shinhwa world / Jeju - South Korea / 20 meters dôme
Cave Explorer
IP2 Entertainment - China
VR Explorer
Las Vegas - USA
New headquarters
Le Rheu - France
128 places 4D Cinema
Marine Land / Antibes - France
20 places Run the River x2
O'Gliss parc / Le Bernard - France
300 places 4D Cinema
Parc Astérix / Paris - France
24 places Loco Motion
Volcan of Lemptegy / Auvergne - France
CL Corp is a division of Triotech