Arctic 2100

VR Arctic expedition
Film 360 Synthese
Film 360 Synthese

A true immersive dive into the heart of climate change, Arctic 2100 aims to raise awareness of ocean conservation issues and the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems, using a state-of-the-art virtual reality system to present as accurately as possible the current state of the Arctic marine environment, as it could evolve until 2100.

In groups of four or eight, equipped with virtual reality and audio headsets, discover the inaccessible Arctic seabed. 20 metres below the surface, visitors move in a hyper-realistic synthetic marine environment and interact freely with each other, but also with the fauna and flora of this extreme environment through the Leap Motion hand recognition process.

The visitor is immersed for fifteen minutes in the Arctic seabed and can thus better understand the conditions for preserving the ocean and the state of the environment, which could change in 2100. Presented in the form of a diver, everyone becomes an actor in the playful application, created from augmented reality images.


During each phase, a narrator guides the explorers: French or English

A tutorial to explain the possible actions: Information on each species by laser pointing, taking pictures

1950 : The species in the Arctic seabed

The submarine : an educational moment that explains the impact of climate change on the environment.

2100 : Wildlife has changed: Belugas, orcas, jellyfish are seen here. Species from the 50’s have migrated or disappeared.The picture is not sinister and the tone is not moralistic, we sensitize the users and we make them to make their own reflection.

Equipment necessary  :

4 or 8 Bagpack computers

4 or 8 HTC Vive

8 or 16 hand held controllers

1 inflatable tent