Head In The Stars en cours de construction au parc Jeju – South Korea

Notre tout premier Head In The Stars va ouvrir ses portes d’ici 4 mois!

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Resort World Jeju a fait confiance à CL Corporation pour ouvrir la seule et unique salle 4D sous dôme du monde, le Head In The Stars®


  • Tableau de bord du 25/04/2017 :

Notre équipe technique et nos deux chefs de projet son actuellement sur place. Ils ont en amont été visiter les lieux en Février pour récupérer notre cargo au port, mais aussi pour contrôler tout le chantier, à savoir : les arrivées électriques, les passages de câbles, les accès pour le chantier, la logistique sur les lieux, les dimensions respectées.

A présent, l’équipe technique contrôle la bonne exécution quant à l’installation du dôme de projection de notre partenaire Fulldome.pro. L’équipe s’occupe également de l’installation de tout le preshow de l’attraction Head In The Stars , ainsi que la mise en place des premiers éléments de la régie technique.

Quelques photos du bâtiments et des photos de l’intérieur à venir prochainement.


CL Corporation, D-Box & Fulldome.Pro
The only one consortium for your most experienced dome theater attraction.

Why trust this consortium?

Because these three companies have set themselves the objectives to be leaders in their markets with their product.

For one it is 4D seats immersing the audience in a realistic and accurate immersion, for the second it comes to providing the best in the world cylinders for the simulation to meet the stringent requirements of the new audience, and the other it comes to projection domes to provide unprecedented vision and immerse the audience in the heart of the image.

It is common to say “each to his own job!” and these three leaders have this philosophy at the heart of their businesses. Because the plurality of business is a sign of weakness and fragmentation, CL Corporation, D-Box & Fulldome.Pro prefer to focus on one market, to get out of a perfect result.

« The one who succeeds is the one who knows to surround himself. » That is why the partnership is naturally born between CL Corporation, D-Box & Fulldome.Pro, to offer turn-key hand services to its customers in the rules of art.

Market experts, focused on a single product

Mechanical and automation engineering, Designers 3D, Welding Engineer, General Engineering, Motion designers within the Hollywood studios, building engineers, sound engineers, computer engineers … a total of 250 permanent employees in these three companies to track and answer all your requirements, and a team of assemblers with an average age of 32 years and an average experience of 5 years in these businesses, these experts travel the world to assemble a magical show in your park.

A combination of immersion, 4D theatre and accurate simulation, the Dome theatre attraction is the only attraction for parks that touches your senses and create a dream.

The alliance of the three most recommended companies in the Entertainment market, offers an unique spectacle: combine their expertise and skills to help you in the design and implementation of your unique 4D lying attraction in a dome projection.