Creating a 4D Bus Road-Show for the Pokemon Black & White

CL Corporation specializes in the production of interactive, immersive and innovative concepts in Europe and Asia to the world of entertainment, parks, recreation, shopping malls, and areas of service, industry and research.

Our mission is to support companies in their efforts to design interactive modules, creative and innovative, guaranteeing a set of applications quality and friendly customer expectations and consumers in terms of quality rendering and scripting;

To mark the release of the new game Pokemon Black & White, CL Corporation Company was chosen to build their 4D bus to a road-show throughout the French coast during the summer.

The goal is to live the preamble of this new game 4D, CL Corporation has made in a city bus, a real 4D room seats 12!

Through his consulting firm, CL Corporation was able to make an attraction out of the ordinary, and give children a walking 4D attraction, so that everyone can enjoy!







CL Corporation completed for this client :

– A entire room of 12 people in a bus

– Development of a city bus on a cinema



Profits :

– New unique attraction in France

– Ability to support a 4D experience to more people traveling through the system

– Creation of a bespoke attraction to the image of the Pokemon brand