TOTAL 4D® theatre of 12 seats for Atlantis Shopping Mall by CL Corporation

CL Corporation specializes in the production of interactive, immersive and innovative concepts, Europe and Asia to the world of entertainment, leisure parks, the shopping malls, and areas of service, industry and research.

Our mission is to support companies in their efforts to design interactive exhibits, creative and innovative, ensuring overall quality applications and respectful customer expectations and consumers in terms of quality rendering and scripting.

On the occasion of Christmas and the inauguration of its new extension, the Atlantis mall trusted CL Corporation to host the gallery with a fully dedicated to a living cell 4D cinema commercial.

Full marks for the shopping center that has not seen its hall désemplir throughout the two months of operation.

CL Corporation has made ​​a living custom 4D cinema, TOTAL 4D®, 12 seats, ephemeral.






CL Corporation completed for this client :

– A room full of 12-seat 4D cinema

– A system of projection and sound

– The overall technical consulting room, the feasibility study and technical and architectural drawings



Profits :

– New attraction in the mall

– Highlighting the innovative and creative image of the new shopping center