The French attraction Volcan de Lemptégy is to offer guests a “visit to the volcano like never before” in a media-based experience


The Volcan’Express comprises of two 24-seat train wagons on a 3-DOF pneumatic dynamic platform. For total immersion, the windows of the wagons will actually be 4K screens (eight per wagon, four on each side). These will relay a trip in the Puy-de-Dôme along the Lemptégy volcano.

Volcan de Lemptégy Volcan-Express-CL-Corp-interior

During their trip, passengers will witness many events including the awakening of the volcano. The synchronisation between the screens coupled with effects including heat, wind, smoke and vibration will provide a breathtaking experience.

The content that will be shown on the screens is being produced by Goodman & Company. The first part of the film will feature real footage shot on site by drone, while the second part will be created in 3D. This will allow the addition of scenes that cannot readily be filmed in nature, such as lava explosions or burning forests. The two processes, live and CGI, will be mixed in such a way as to give a realistic result.

Volcan-Express-CL-Corp-interior Volcan de Lemptégy

Volcanic attraction

Located in the Chaîne des Puys – Limagne fault area, which enjoys UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Volcan de Lemptégy is the only volcano to have its anatomy so clearly visible and showcased. It has operated as a visitor attraction since 1992. During that time, it has welcomed more than 2 million people from around the world.

The Volcan’Express project is the second collaboration between CL Corp and the volcano. Previously, the two parties worked together on a 4D attraction called “The Explosive Mine”.



  • 2 dynamic platformsof 24 people each
  • Special effects :
    • Wind effect
    • Smoke
    • LED light
    • Buttkickers
    •  Warm effect
  • Customized live-captured and 3D movie projected on 8 4K TV
  • Sound Bose 4.1


CL Corp, a creator and builder of dynamic attractions and simulators for the entertainment industry, is proud to collaborate on the 30th anniversary of Parc Asterix, the famous theme park in France owned by Compagnie des Alpes, a leading player in the European leisure industry, integrates a 4D theater of 300 seats, with full special effects inside !


To celebrate three decades of fun for all ages, Parc Asterix will offer a slew of new attractions, not the least of which is a state-of-the-art 4D theatre created by CL Corp featuring 300 dynamic and sensorial seats, powered by D-BOX motion technology. Visitors will immerse themselves in Attention Menhir!, a new short film highlighting the adventures of the beloved Gauls as they resist Roman occupation once again. This action-packed story is enhanced with 4D effects and powered with CL Corp 4D seats, perfectly synchronized by D-BOX actuators to immerse visitors in all the twists, turns, ups and downs the Asterix universe is known for.

“Working for Parc Asterix and Compagnie des Alpes on the largest 4D room in Europe is a great honour,” said Christophe Lucchini, Founder and CEO of CL Corp. “To create an incredible immersive experience for customers and deliver the best seat experience for this 4D theater, we propose our full options 4D seats, with all individual special effects in armrests. For movements, we naturally chose D-BOX. Their attention to detail, and ability to help us bring this story to life is impeccable. We can’t wait to see the reaction people have when they are completely immersed in this incredibly unique adventure.

During 1 year, we work with the Asterix park team, but also with the producers of the movie, so that the seats are fully optimized. “L’Atelier Animations” wrote the scenario with a column dedicated entirely to special effects and movements. We have created bespoke seats, but also tailor-made special effects like the menhir running through the movie theater! Thanks to our design office, we were able to make a menhir appear in the wall of the room, after crossing it in 3D! “

The attraction was unveiled to journalists and some privileged, on April 3rd, 2019, and has already received testimonials and comments, leaving thought that this attraction “Attention Menhirs!” will become one of the must of the park.

Parc Asterix is located 40 minutes north of Paris and was officially opened on April 6th, 2019.


“To be included in the 30th anniversary celebration of Parc Asterix is a great honour for D-BOX in so many ways,” states Claude Mc Master, President and CEO for D-BOX. “Not only do we have the pleasure of collaborating with CL Corp again, we also get to integrate our unparalleled motion technology into the most popular French comic series in the world to deliver an exceptional immersive entertainment experience for all visitors.”



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Our first participation in the RAAPA – Moscow

Our first participation in the RAAPA – Moscow went in the best possible way.

This was a first participation in the event but also the first time that some members of our sales team discovered the beautiful city of Moscow.

This exhibition allowed us to introduce the CL Corp. universe to Muscovites but also to participants from all over the world who came to participate in the event.
For this first participation we have decided to present and have our attractions Run The River and Dynamic Seat Theater tested on our stand.

In addition, we had chosen, and for the first time also, to present our attractions in the form of a dynamic, animated and ultra-realistic model.

We came back to France with a new experience and with new projects to be realized.

This « first » edition of the RAAPA was punctuated by the awarding of a prize for CL Corp, the best exhibition at the show.

Next stop Dubai and the DEAL Show!


Our sales chief officer testified about the immersive VR and AR experiences in InterPark magazine

Déborah ATTAL testified on the role of immersive experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality with InterPark magazine.
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InterPark – Nov/Dec 2018


CL Corporation has expanded, so we would like to introduce you to your new contacts.

Commercial staff

Chiying HUANG, Benoit ARMANGE, Christophe LUCCHINI, Laurent MAHY, Déborah ATTAL

R&D staff

Benjamin LOLLIVIER, François LEFEBVRE, Maël GORGE, Thibaut FICATIER, Grégory BATAILLE, Olivier TUAL, Quentin FIZANNE

Technical staff

Enzo PRIOU, Julien TERTRAIS, Benjamin GAULARD, Alexis CHAPIN, Meriadeg TACHOT, Gabin DUBOIS, Timothée CARIO, Tristan DUBOULLAY



Experience two unusual experiences in the museum itself !

The City of the Ocean of Biarritz again asked CL Corporation to equip the museum of virtual dynamic attractions!

After the surf simulators, the team of CL Corporation opened a new 4D room of 24 seats with individual seat Premium Motion by D-Box, and a second with two attractions simulators 360 ° VR 4 seats each!

The City of Ocean is becoming a museum fledged through relevant mix of pedagogy and entertainment: the eductainment!

the 4D experience of Bathyscaphe

Armed with your 3D glasses, board the bathyscaphe and go down into the depths of the Guf of Capbreton!

Climb aboard our premium seats 4D to dive into the watery depths! Surprising encounters guaranteed!Through our movements Motion by D-Box, and special effects built into the armrests, immersive is impressive to the point of having to hang you!

The amazing attraction 360° VR

With your VR glasses, board our 360 ° platforms and get ready to be knocked down! For the first time, a museum is equipped with this attraction with strong sensations, to fill with joy young and old, come to spend a good moments in this museum not like the others.